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Hi, I'm Brenner LeCompte and the founder of Tying The Financial Knot, a resource and community to help engaged and newlywed couples organize and simplify their new financial life together. 

Here is a little bit of my story, why I started the site, and how you can get involved. 

When my wife and I decided to get married in 2011, I had so many questions.

Will we have enough money? How do we talk about money? How do we organize it? Do I need life insurance? How much?

Even with a financial background this new adventure in life came with a lot of questions.  

I got involved with the marriage preparation program at our church to specifically help engaged couples answer these questions. 

After having helped hundreds of couples over the last 5 years prepare for their new money life together, I decided to create this site. 

This community has the following resources for you:

1. Social Media Accounts: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to motivate you on your daily journey.

2. Blog with short articles on marriage & money.

3. Templates to help you organize your money (Request Here).

4. DIY Tying The Financial Knot Program to get you started (Download Here).

5. One on One Tying The Financial Knot Program for those who want a little more personalized coaching and accountability (Request More Info Here). 

6. Money Personality Assessment (Take The Assessment)

7. Tying The Financial Knot Community (Join the Facebook Group)