Money Marriage Manifesto

My wife and I married on September 25th 2011. We charged into our marriage with all the love and passion of a newly engaged couples. My wife was 26 and I was 27 at the time and like most couples we were eager to put our best foot forward and make our marriage the best it could be.

But how do you make your marriage great?

In search of an answer to the question at hand, as many our age affectionately dubbed millennials, we turned to Google. The modern Oracle of Delphi gratefully sung back thousands of answers to how to make a successful marriage in exchange for an offering of our eyeballs on the altar of AdWords.

Interpreting the wisdom of our age was like reading Greek. “10 Secrets to Keep Your Marriage Fresh”, “5 Keys to an Awesome Marriage”, “35 Secrets to Marriage Success” were just a few of the over 5 million responses generated in .27 seconds.

Together with the positive is the negative. A list of pitfalls and traps that snag many marriages in separation and divorce. Topping most lists is the issue of money

A cursory glance at the pitfalls is enough to see the immense amount of stress that money can have on a marriage in particular a new marriage and new family. My wife and were not and still are not immune to the stress and anxiety that comes with financial issue and raising a modern family.

Having a personal interest in personal finance led me to volunteer my time working with newly engaged couples as they prepare for marriage; Pre Cana in Catholic speak. It has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life.

After five years of speaking, coaching and accompanying newly engaged and newlywed couples I have decided to write down some of the things I have learned from these couples. A true case of the teacher learning from the pupils.

This blog is meant to be a forum where we can share ideas around marriage and money. I hope to share our story as we seek to use the power of money to strengthen our relationship. To see money as a tool that builds us up rather than a wedge that can separate us.