My Second 21 Day Challenge

Many of our hang-ups in life come from poor habits. Most of know what we are supposed to eat, we just don’t have the habit of eating healthy. Most of us know that we should be exercising, we just don’t have the habit of exercising. Many of us know that we have to save more and spend less, we just have poor financial habits. With this in mind I want to personally build the habit of building habits and inspire other to do the same. 

Habits are like mental muscles. They are always present, just dormant and weak at times. Also like a muscle, you can never say that your training or habit forming, in this case is complete. You can always get stronger and you always need to be maintaining. 

But a good start is to do something for 21 days to begin to build the habit and try focus on the habit as a jump start. To do something for 21 days does not mean that we have the habit and you can forget about it. You will always have to work on the habit but 21 days gets you off to a running start. 

Over the summer I took on the challenge of drinking a gallon of water a day for 21 days. It was tough at first but with each day it got a little easier. While I have not kept up with a gallon of water a day I have been drinking a lot more water than before and now have a water bottle at my desk that I refill multiple times a day.  I noticed with my gallon a day challenge that I had more energy during the day and I craved snacking less. I also feel like I sleep better when I drink more water.

For the month of October I took on the challenge to change up my diet. My wife and I have a very healthy diet but there is always the occasional pizza slice or half and half in my 5th cup of coffee. I have always wanted to see how my body would react to taking out dairy, grains and sugar. So my wife and I committed to following the Whole30 diet for 21 days (you can follow along on Instagram here).  

I am not going to go into all the details of the Whole30 (to be honest I am not 100% on board with all the reconnecting with you food mumbo-jumbo) but the basis is to cut out dairy, processed food, grains, sugar and Alcohol! 

I am looking forward to documenting how it goes and then reporting back. As I mentioned you can follow along on Instagram story.