It’s about Designing a Plan to achieve the Wealth you Envision


-Do you feel overwhelmed by money?

-Do you feel like you could never afford to have the family life you want?

-Do you feel like you could never afford to have the children you want?

-Do you feel like you can never afford to live where you want to live?

-Do you feel overwhelmed by student loans or credit card debt?

-Do you feel like you live pay check to paycheck?

-Do you wish you were able to save more money?

-Does job security cause you stress and anxiety?

-Do you feel like you will never be able to save for retirement?

-Does your spouse's spending habits or money management style cause you concern?


If you have ever felt one or all of these then you are not alone. These are questions that can be answered and when you answer them you will feel free to live the life you imagine.


I have had the benefit of having great mentors in my life when it comes to personal finance and having a natural love for the subject. After getting married I quickly realized how much stress money causes in relationships and marriages.

I remember vividly when a wise and trusted friend of our family came over to our house and sat with my parents around the dinner table to speak about their family finances. He was not a financial advisor or money expert. He was just able to explain in a simple and straightforward way how to set your family up for financial success.

I want this site to be that dinner table where couples can gather to chat about the basics of building good money habits.

A few facts about me:

           ·        Cajun by birth and Yankee by necessity

·         Philosophy Undergrad (nothing to do with money...)

·         MBA in Finance (everything to do with money...)

·         Husband to the woman of my dreams

·         Father to two amazing kids

·         Son of God

Fun Facts About Me:

·         I am one of 12 Children

·         I have 10 brothers

·         I wanted to be a fighter jet pilot

·         I had a pet alligator named Fluffy

·         I lived in Ireland for 2 years

·         My kids think I am Santa Clause


The best way to get to know me is by following along on my blog, Instagram and Facebook account (Short of picking up the phone and having a chat…which I am always open to!)